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HBSA --- Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association

LERA --- Lee Enfield Rifle Association

VAA --- Vintage Arms Association

SLRC--- South London Rifle Club (founded 1874), Bisley

Jeff Tanner Ballmoulds
Bespoke mooulds and other goodies from an Old Master.


Marylebone R&PC
Still going strong despite losing their City underground range.

Terence Smith's excellent
"Rifleman" site
for the collector, shooter and student of smallbore target rifles and more!

Bisley Antique and Classic Arms Fairs.
Spring (March) and Summer (Oct.) -- well worth a visit!

Welsh Arms
(Auction House)
Small but beautifully formed!!!

Fulton's of Bisley
How could you forget them? They have been there for ever!!!

The Bullet Cache
A good source if you shoot obsolete calibres.

THE site for information of Webley and Wilkinson.





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